10 Factors For Successful Business Catalog Design


Calvin Klein, DELL and Staples are famous brands in the world. Their success is considered as one of the typical examples when they know how to combine the effects of catalogs and the internet to dominate the individual market. Due to the success of these famous brands, nowadays the catalog is widely used in most companies and businesses worldwide. So what is a catalog? Why does it bring business success to businesses?

1. What is Catalog?

Catalog (product brochure) is a means and document to introduce the list of products and services of companies and enterprises. The catalog is printed in the form of a book, containing full of detailed information about products and services to help customers understand the information as well as convince them to buy and invest.

2. Why catalogues are as important as ever

1. Advertise products and services

A catalog containing full information and images about products or services of a business not only provides complete information to customers about products but also has important advertising, marketing and Effective marketing for sales.Catalogs are carefully printed and beautifully designed, always leaving a great impression on customers. Once your product is impressed and noticed by customers, convincing them to invest and buy is not difficult.

2. Show your business professionalism

A catalog is just as important to a company as a business card. What will customers think if they come to your company and can’t find a brochure? Do they think they are working with an unprofessional company?

3. Save costs, increase business efficiency

Advertising products and services on the media such as television, newspapers, radio …can get great attention from the audience, but in return you have to pay a very high cost. Therefore, catalog printing is considered an effective strategy of many businesses.

Catalogs that are carefully printed and beautifully designed, will leave a great impression.

3. 10 Factors For Successful Business Catalog Design

1. Emotional criteria

Emotion is a very important factor for consumers, emotions help them have a favorable view of your product. Designers need to keep in mind the preferences and trends of their clients.

2. Make specific requirements for quality

Currently, there are many companies providing catalog design services with many price choices. When you talk to the design company, you need to let the design unit know your purpose such as sharp, professional images to make a good impression on consumers.

3. Put yourself in the position of the customer

Then you will understand what the customer needs and wants from your publication. And so, you will know what content you need to highlight when designing the catalog.

4. Promote simplicity and readability

A catalog design with images, academic content and too abstract will make customers unable to imagine the information you provide. Therefore, make it as easy to understand as possible in the eyes of the customer.

5. The use of language

As mentioned above, customers need what they can easily absorb, the language you use needs to be common and not too technical.

6. Give simple messages

Do not cram too much information when designing the catalog, provide the most necessary information and highlight the specific messages that the business wants to send to customers.


7. Content is always important

To achieve the highest efficiency, the content of the catalog is almost decisive for a professional catalog. Therefore, it is very important to compose Vietnamese content.. it must impress the target customers.

8. Pay special attention to images when designing catalogs

For each catalog project, image preparation needs to be carefully invested. Image is a very important element in catalog design. Because the image will create the first impression of the design and quality of the product you provide.

9. Impressive cover design

The cover page will be the highlight to attract customers’ attention. The cover page should be designed to clearly show the message of the business.

10. Design for subpages

Subpages need to be designed to fully show the content and images of the product. There should be zoning of products and comparisons with similar products so that customers have easier choices. Giving specific criteria to the catalog design unit will help you and the designer work more smoothly as well as help them get the initial visualization. That helps to complete the publication exactly what you want.

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