Terms & Conditions:

For printing works using paper and other materials:

– You are fully responsible for the printed content when you have “approved the printed content”, as well as the legality of the logo, brand, and design of your product.

– Printed digital colors in reality can vary +/- 15% for vector (illustrator) design files, 30-40% for image files.

– The printed colors in reality will also change relatively after each time of printing, and between different printing companies.

– The colors on your design must be based on PANTONE color codes. Please don’t compare the colors you see on mobile/computer screen (which are enhanced by LED lights) to printed colors in reality.

– The actual printed color uses CMYK color mode, so all of your design files need to be converted to CMYK color mode. Please do not use RGB color mode to avoid excessive color deviation.

– All Fonts must be Converted to Outline in order to avoid wrong font spelling.

– Please allow your design content to have at least 7- 10mm gap from the edges of your catalogue, 5mm for leaflets and 3mm for business card to avoid the content being cut off.

– We always try our best to make your products look great. However, please be noticed that content’s central alignment might have a very little deviation (< 1mm) after the product is trimmed to the final size.

– We will not be responsible if any problem occurs if you don’t follow these provision.

For design works:

– We support clients by refunding 50% out of the total initial cost if the client cancels the design work 72 hours prior to the 1st design mockup delivery date. We do not refund the cost in any cases after the demo sample has been sent to the customer via email or other contact channels.

– Editing: If the product has different demo versions (eg: logo), the customer chooses 1 among these demos to continue editing.

– Revision from designers / feedback from clients (time frame): 3 days maximum per each adjustment applied for both client side and designer side.

– Design and revision progress should be completed within 30 days since the day we receive the initial payment. After this timeframe, Helixgram reserves the right to stop all the design works as listed in this quotation.

Terms & Conditions:

I. Delivery within Vietnam

1. Delivery company

Helixgram uses the delivery service by several shipping companies such as VnPost, Grab, FUTA Express,…

2. Delivery schedule

Time: From 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.

We will notify you the expected completion date for each specific order in the printing quotation file. Once the printing work is finished, we will contact you to for custom delivery time that suits your availability best.

III. Receiving the products

1. Commitment to receive goods on time

In normal cases with full recipient information, we will commit that the customers will receive the products on time.

However, please be aware that the following cases are out of our commitment:
– You provided the wrong address and contact information of the receiver.
– Delivery staff contacted the receiver but no response.
– The delivery time is on time but the customer is not ready to receive the products.
– Unexpected events: natural disasters, storms, floods, accidents, traffic network problems, problems that may affect the transportation process.


I. Delivery to other countries

Terms & Conditions:

Secure options


Helixgram keeps your payment information secure. We never receive your credit card information.

Terms & Conditions:

– Please be informed that the payment (both the deposit and second payment) will not be refunded in any circumstances.

– Please be sure to contact us as soon as possible if there is a problem with your order. If items are damaged caused by manufacturing or damaged during transportation before reaching you, Helixgram will do as much as possible to rectify the problem.

– Due to various reasons, the colors of the printed products in reality will not look 100% the same with the colors you see on the design, so we hope customers understand this and Helixgram will not accept the reimbursement or returns & exchanges in this case. Printed digital colors in reality can vary +/- 15% for vector (illustrator) design files, 30-40% for image files.

– If you have any problems about the products, please report them within 2 days since the time you receive them. Beyond this time the issue will not be resolved for any reasons.