The Advantages of Using Paper-Based Packaging


Paper is environmental-friendly and sturdy

Paper containers are made from renewable resources such as paper and paperboard that provide distinct environmental sustainability credentials. Like wood, the raw material can be sourced from sustainably managed forests and is readily recyclable and, by definition, biodegradable.

Multi Usage

Paper packaging can be reused as many things, such as wrapping paper, fibre-board, and paper sacks. Unlike paper, plastic bags can only be recycled into yet more plastic bags. Besides, improved paper bags allow dry foods to be kept on the shelves, protecting both the food and the shelving.

With extensive paper bottles being developed for carbonated beverages and even milk, bio-based barrier materials could eventually replace plastic in many applications.

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Paper is More Attractive

Paper and cardboard are consumers’ clear favorites for selecting a product based on its packaging. For two-thirds of consumers, paper and cardboard packaging makes a product more attractive than other packaging materials.

Top-Shelf Solution

Paper packaging provides convenience as well as visibility for the brands. Besides, its advantages include the ease with which products can showcase their distinctive packaging and graphics to tell a brand’s story, its superior product protection, and the fact that it’s easy to stack.

Paper bags are environmental-friendly and sturdy

Cardboard boxes, in particular, can handle heavy loads and stand upright. Progressive paper packaging will keep the contents fresh, as well. Paper can lock in flavors while keeping out pests, so it is an excellent alternative for things such as flour and spices to be well sealed.

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