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There are many different paper types you can use for your projects. They vary in composition, design, purpose and even weight and thickness. Each one offers bespoke design options you can utilise in your print. Because of this, each type is exciting in its own way. In the printing industry, printing paper material is divided into 2 main groups: coated paper and uncoated paper. You need to choose the right type for your print projects. So what types of paper for printing are available to you? Let’s explore the types of printing paper commonly used at printing shops below.

I. Coated paper materials

Coated paper is the type of paper Coated with a coating to increase the light, smooth paper surface, high gloss, and light reflection. The coating helps paper produce better-printed colors. So this type of paper is often used to print images. Coating can be made from kaolin, and stone powder, some paper is covered with a metal layer (paper metalines). Currently, the coated paper has the following 4 types:

1. Couche paper

“Couche paper,” often referred to as “coated paper,” is a type of paper that has been treated with a coating of clay or a similar substance to enhance its surface properties. This coating provides several advantages over uncoated or plain paper, making it suitable for various printing and publishing applications. This type of paper is widely used for business cards, posters, flyers, thank you cards, or some types of corrugated paper boxes that use Couche paper as a coating layer on the outside.

Couche paper with matte lamination finish for business cards.

In summary, couche paper is a coated paper with a smooth and glossy surface, designed to enhance print quality and visual appeal. It is widely used in various marketing and promotional materials where high-quality printing is essential. The choice of couche paper or other paper types depends on the specific requirements of a printing project and the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Couche paper with glossy lamination finish for glossy laminated business cards.

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2. Bristol paper

This is a type of paper originating from England (the name has the same syllable as British). Bristol paper is an uncoated paperboard with a smooth surface. It usually has several layers of paper pressed together so it is usually harder and heavier than other types of paper. There are two types of paper surfaces: smooth or slightly rough. Smooth paper is suitable for pens and ink, rough paper is suitable for pencils chalk, or charcoal.
As a high-quality paper, thicker and more porous than Couche, has a slightly glossy, smooth surface, and moderately good ink adhesion, so offset printing is beautiful, often used to print high-end publications such as cosmetics brochures, pharmaceuticals, presentation folders, wedding cards, invitations… the usual paper weight is between 230 – 300 GSM.
For students, they are familiar with Ford A4 paper to print documents and reports. When printing catalogs, flyers, leaflets, business cards,..etc., Couche paper is often used. If the publication wants to be thicker and more premium, use Bristol paper.

3. Ivory paper

Ivory paper is a high-quality, thick paper coated on one side, very high quality, hard and elastic. The paper surface is usually white (or light colors), one side has a very smooth and glossy surface, and the other side is rough. Ivory paper has a higher paper weight (thickness) and stiffness than Bristol paper.

Ivory paper-Saigon-printing-Ivory paper-material-on packaging bags and hang tags Ivory paper-hang tag printing-in-Saigon-clothing hang tag printing on Ivory paper-in-Ho-Chi-Minh-City
Ivory paper is often used for printing hang tags and packaging paper bags

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Because Ivory is a high-quality paper, the price of the paper is relatively expensive (more expensive than other types of paper such as Ford paper, Bristol paper, Couche paper, Duplex paper). Usually only high-end box packaging uses this type of paper. Ivory paper is often used to store products in the following industries: food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.Due to its higher price than other types of paper, stable quality, plus good durability and elasticity, paper is often used to make high-quality paper boxes, gift boxes or boxes for expensive products. luxurious. Ivory paper is also often used to make file covers, book covers, gift bags, gift boxes, and is also used to produce notebooks with beautifully decorated covers: gift books, books. Product introduction, program instructions,…

4. Duplex paper

Duplex paper is a special material with 2 different paper sides, one white side is made from bleached pulp and coated on the surface, the other side is made from old newspapers and magazines so it will have a light brown or gray color. Compared to Bristol or Ivory paper, duplex paper is relatively softer.

Applications for all types of packaging: Most types of packaging today use duplex paper a lot. People use this material in packaging production for diverse industries such as the food industry, cosmetics industry, and mechanical industry… ensuring durability and best protection of the product inside.

Application for printing paper boxes: With smooth gloss and standard thickness, relatively cheaper than Ivory paper, duplex paper is also commonly used to print paper boxes nowadays. People print paper boxes using this material will still have good-quality printed images, and logos. The main products are mask boxes, ice cream boxes, birthday cake boxes…..

Application for printing corrugated carton boxes: With one brown side and good opacity, duplex paper is often used in coating corrugated cardboard boxes, creating rigidity and better-printed colors on cartons.

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II. Uncoated paper

Uncoated paper is a type of paper that does not have a surface treatment or coating applied to it. Unlike coated paper, which has a layer of clay or other substances added to its surface to achieve a smoother and glossier texture, uncoated paper retains its natural, slightly rougher texture.

1. Fort paper (Bond paper)

Ford paper or Bond paper is a durable paper that is suitable for electronic printing and use in office machines, including copiers and network and desktop printers. People typically use it for letterhead, stationery, business forms, and a variety of documents produced with inkjet and laser printers. For example, many of the invoices you receive in the mail are printed on bond paper.

Wire o binding brochures printed using standard uncoated paper (White Fort paper) in Saigon, Vietnam.

2. Kraft paper

Kraft paper, also known as kraft, is a type of paper that is produced using the kraft process, a method that involves the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp. Kraft paper is characterized by its distinctive brown color, strength, durability, and versatility.

Recycled Brown Kraft Paper Printing Material

Kraft paper is a versatile and eco-friendly paper product known for its strength, brown color, and multiple uses in packaging, arts and crafts, shipping, and more. It is prized for its durability and natural appearance, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Notebook printing using Kraft paper for covers.

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Carbonless paper

Carbonless paper is made from bPure paper, on the paper surface coated with a chemical substance act as dye. When you write or print on the front page, the content will print itself on the next page thanks to the chemical layer.

carbonless papers in Saigon printing carbonless paper materials in Saigon Carbonless paper is made from bPure paper on the paper surface Saigon carbonless paper printing in Ho Chi Minh City
Carbonless paper is often used making invoices, receipts, payment slips, delivery bills,…

3. Premium Fine Art paper (Natural Textured paper)

Premium fine art paper, also known as fine art or art paper, is a type of high-quality paper specifically designed for fine art and artistic purposes. It is characterized by its exceptional quality, texture, and archival properties, making it a preferred choice for artists, photographers, and printmakers.

textured papers in Saigon premium fine art paper in Saigon giay my thuat fine art paper in Ho chi minh city rough textured paper material printing in Saigon Natural textured paper in Saigon
Premium Textured Papers are commonly used for premium postcards or business cards.

Natural textured paper is widely used for printing luxurious invitation cards, thank you cards, postcards, packaging boxes, and business cards.

Gold foil business cards printed on premium black textured paper. Paper weight (thickness): 400 GSM. No printed colors.
Multiple Foil Color Business Cards Printed on Premium White Textured Paper.
Gold Foil and Embossed Logo on Printed Business Cards using Premium White Art Paper.

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