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We write SEO Copywriting every single day.

Helixgram provides SEO copywriting, copy editing and content strategy services to businesses in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam and worldwide.

All brands have their own stories to tell. At Helixgram, we work closely with our clients to convey their unique stories and messages in both digital and print. Our passion is copywriting and our goal is take your story, and deliver copy that works – for you.

We tell stories with words

We are an Saigon’s leading Search Engine Optimization company, based in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam with over ten years of success in helping businesses reach the first page of Google results. As SEO experts, we understand how hard it is for a company to prosper when they aren’t recognized in search engine results.

How It Works?

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SEO copywriting Saigon Website Copywriting services in Saigon SEO Copywriting Saigon Landing Page Copywriting Blog Copywriting Email Copywriting Brochure & Direct Mail Copywriting Proofreading

What our clients say about us

“Before we started your SEO services, our internet shop couldn’t be found within the first 20 pages in search engines. Now our website is on the first page of Google with all our keywords. We have increased our sales since we started using your company!”

“Our website started appearing on the top of the first page in searches after 2 months of using your services. Since this time, we receive more enquiries. We are also happy with your social media and pay per click management. Good work”

“The website that you created for me is great! I am also happy with all the search engine optimization work that you have done so far on my website. I am also happy with your social media management of my social media profiles”

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As a reputable search engine optimization agency & SEO Copywriting Saigon, we care about the high effectiveness of our services.

Do you want more clients and more sales?

Stand out and win customers, every time, with great copywriting.

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If you require SEO Services, then you may also be interested to know that we also provide additional services to compliment your SEO Campaign.

Ask Our SEO Experts: FAQ’s

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Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Agency Saigon’s services

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As a long-term digital marketing strategy, SEO aims to generate traffic to your site based on keyword research, content marketing, user experience, and technical elements. At its core, an SEO campaign comes from keyword research—on the condition that your website is technically functional. Keyword research is the process of researching the terms your target customers are searching for, and creating keyword “optimized” content to appear on your site. A successful SEO agency can help you appear in search results pages that are relevant to your business, connecting you with customers searching for relevant terms.

Well, we have two questions for you. Firstly, do your customers search for your business or products using search engines? Secondly, do your competitors have an online presence—for example, a website or eCommerce store? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then yes. You need search engine optimization.

However, we know there are certain businesses who wouldn’t benefit from search engine optimization: for example, extremely niche B2B businesses. During a brief consultation, we will be able to recommend whether our SEO services would benefit your business, or whether a different form of digital marketing would bring a better return on investment i.e. an improved web design and UX (user experience) to solidify and convert leads into sales.

Search engine optimization produces the most tangible improvements within 3-6 months. However, you may see some short term wins on websites where technical SEO issues are easily fixed. Continual SEO rankings take more time and effort, resulting in long-term benefits to your business. Search engine optimization can be likened to compound interest, with benefits building on each other over time.

SEO campaigns vary depending on the business’ short term and long term objectives. Helixgram prides itself on delivering results that are focused on ROI. After a quick consultation with our SEO experts, we will be able to advise the optimal SEO strategy to help you achieve your goals.

As a digital marketing agency, we strive to build a strong relationship with all of our clients. We focus on measurable SEO results (delivered by expert specialists in their field), providing a return on your investment and building a positive partnership with you.

Each SEO strategy is bespoke to a business and we take many things into account before quoting. In short, our quotes can start from $1000 per month for SMEs and sole proprietors, with no upper limit for multinational corporations or hugely ambitious companies such as VC-funded startups. The quality of service is exactly the same for all clients; the amount of SEO services determines the actual quote.

No, we don’t, and you should avoid any SEO agency that does. The team at SEO Agency Saigon works to optimize your website to work within Google’s search algorithm and normal user behavior, which leaves room for a wide range of business factors that are outside any SEO agency’s control to affect search engine rankings. Any SEO agency that promises you the top spot on the first page of Google is lying to you, and should be treated with suspicion. With that said, our SEO team has an enviable track record of which we are very proud. We place ROI at the heart of every SEO campaign and will work tirelessly with you to achieve great results.

Not if you don’t want us to. We prefer working with clients for at least 12 months so that our abilities can be clearly demonstrated and our achievements compared to year-on-year statistics, but we don’t do long-term contracts just to tie you into something. We have a 30-day cancellation policy that can be triggered at any point. This puts the onus on us to continue providing great work and results every month—a standard our digital marketing professionals are more than happy to meet.

This could be one of two problems:

  1. Sharp, sudden traffic decline?
    You have most likely been hit by a penalty from Google. This is usually the result of an SEO strategy that goes against Google’s guidelines, which has led them to place you under penalty, removing you from search results. This can easily be fixed, but it does take time to get the search engine to trust your website again. A strong SEO strategy can certainly bring you back to an even better place than you were before.
  2. A steady decline over a long period?
    The problem is simply that your site is not well optimized. This includes problems with the technical build of the site, the content on your site, the link-building aspects, and the design of your site. It could also signify a problem with your Analytics tracking. To fix these problems, our Saigon SEO specialists will take a careful look at the state of your website and improve on each of these facets, starting with those that need the most work. The good news is that this sort of work is our bread and butter, so it is definitely possible to get your traffic back.
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