Types of Printing Paper Commonly Used at Printing Shops

Types of Printing Paper Commonly Used at Printing Shops in Saigon online printing shop in Saigon printing shop in Ho Chi Minh printing services in Saigon Vietnam printing on paper in Saigon

There are many different paper types you can use for your projects. They vary in composition, design, purpose and even weight and thickness. Each one offers bespoke design options you can utilise in your print. Because of this, each type is exciting in its own way. In the printing industry, printing paper material is divided into 2 main groups: coated paper and uncoated paper. You need to choose the right type for your print projects. So what types of paper for printing are available to you? Let’s explore the types of printing paper commonly used at printing shops below.

Coated paper

Coated paper is the type of paper Coated with a coating to increase the light, smooth paper surface, high gloss and light reflection. Coating helps paper Reproduce the colors of ink true, vivid. So this type of paper is often used to print images. Coating can be made from kaolin, stone powder, some paper is covered with metal layer (paper metalines). Currently, coated paper has the following 5 types:

Paper Couche

Couche paper is used quite commonly, with Smooth, smooth and glossy surface. This type of paper is used Print images are very beautiful, bright and eye-catching Should be popular to print ads, posters, … The weight of paper is about 90 – 300g / m2 (90gsm – 300gsm).

Couche Matt is often used in high-end magazines
Couche Paper with a smooth coated surface

Couche Matt

In Couche paper types, Couche Matt does not reflect light so is often used to print high-end magazines. Compared with other kinds of Couche paper, Couche Matt has the longest ink drying, the price is also quite high. In particular, Matt Couche paper is writable.

Bristol paper

Bristol paper High gloss, moderate ink adhesion should often used to Print boxes, flyers, posters, namecards,… Quantitative about 200 – 350g / m2.

Bristol paper used to print boxes, leaflets, posters, namecards ...

Ivory paper

Ivory paper is often used in making food packaging with A glossy surface used for printing information, and product images. Meanwhile, a rough surface is located inside the product. In order to be used as food packaging, the Ivory paper must be tested for food safety.

Ivory paper-Saigon-printing-Ivory paper-material-on packaging bags and hang tags Ivory paper-hang tag printing-in-Saigon-clothing hang tag printing on Ivory paper-in-Ho-Chi-Minh-City
Ivory paper is often used for printing hang tags and packaging paper bags

Duplex paper

Duplex paper is a type of paper that is coated on one side, the other side is gray or yellowish gray (Duplex gray back); or white (Duplex white back). Duplex paperboard is more cost efficient when compared to other paper solutions such as Ivory paper or Bristol paper.

Duplex is a type of paperboard that is stock produced and consists of two layers. It usually has a coated surface that is glossy, making the surface water-resistant. Therefore, it is widely used for packaging that requires high sturdiness and large size boxes.

Duplex paper normally comes in a roll and can be categorized into two types:

  • Single side coated: this Duplex paper type is coated on one side. It normally weighs 210 gsm.
  • Double side coated: this Duplex paper type is coated on both sides. Since both sides are coated, the weight is heavier than a single side coated at 250 gsm.

Duplex paper usually comes in several thicknesses and weight variations, namely 200, 230, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and 500gsm.

For the weight of papers, gsm is a standard measurement, which stands for grams per square meter. GSM measurement is a good guide to quality as a higher value indicates the paper is thicker and heavier.


400 gsm Duplex paper means that for a one-meter square, the Duplex paper will weigh 400 g.

350 gsm Duplex paper means that for a one-meter square, the Duplex paper will weigh 350 g.

Duplex paper is used for many in packaging of large sizes, hard and strong

Uncoated paper

Uncoated paper is a type of paper Rough surface, no luster and light reflection. However, depending on the quality of each uncoated paper, the color of the image to be printed is different. Compared to coated paper, The sharpness of uncoated paper images is only quite average. One advantage of uncoated paper is You can use regular pens to write on the paper.

Ford paper (Bond paper)

Ford paper or Bond paper is a popular paper have high whiteness, sandpaper surface, good adhesion, often used for envelopes, invoices or notebooks … This type of paper is often used in photo shops. Paper weight is 70g / m2, 80g / m2 or 90g / m2.

Ford paper in Saigon ford paper printing in Saigon ford paper printing in Ho Chi Minh City ford paper in office stationary in Saigon printing ford paper material in Saigon
Ford paper has high whiteness, sandpaper surface, good ink adhesion, often used for envelopes, invoices or notebooks.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is made from the chemical pulp of soft wood quite rough, has a sharp, tough, and good ink properties. Paper weight is 50-175g / m2. Natural Kraft paper brown, often bleached to produce white paper. Paper is often used to making grocery bags, printing paper bags,…

Recycled Brown Kraft Paper Printing Material

Carbonless paper

Carbonless paper is made from bPure paper, on the paper surface coated with a chemical substance act as dye. When you write or print on the front page, the content will print itself on the next page thanks to the chemical layer.

carbonless papers in Saigon printing carbonless paper materials in Saigon Carbonless paper is made from bPure paper on the paper surface Saigon carbonless paper printing in Ho Chi Minh City
Carbonless paper is often used making invoices, receipts, payment slips, delivery bills,…

Art paper (Textured paper)

Art paper is kind Premium paper, diverse designs with colorful and different ridges. Most of this paper is quite thin, weighing about 180gsm – 250gsm. The advantage of art paper is Save printing time because when you choose the right printing paper, you can start printing right away without having to color the paper.

textured papers in Saigon premium fine art paper in Saigon giay my thuat fine art paper in Ho chi minh city rough textured paper material printing in Saigon Natural textured paper in Saigon
Permium fine art paper materials or Natural Textured Paper materials.

Art paper is often used for printing Luxury invitation card, calendar, visit card. Through the article hope you know more types of printing paper on the market today!

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