The Difference Between 1-Color Printing and Full 4-Color Printing


1-color printing, multi-color printing, 4-color printing in printing1-color printing, 2-color printing, 4-color printing are concepts that you will surely come into contact with when conducting printing. They affect the quality, color of the finished product and even the price of printing, so today, let’s learn the above concepts with The World of Printing!

To know what 1-color printing is, we need to understand 4-color printing

Normally, any color printer will use 4 basic ink colors – also known as CMYK. 4-color printing is printing on this CMYK color system. CMYK is an English acronym in the color system, including the following colors:C – Cyan is cyanM – Magenta is a red roseY – Yellow is yellowK – Keyline/Black is blackCMYK full color printing CMYK color graphic design printing color online printing services branding printing design print color helixgram design printingWhen printing, these 4 colors will be mixed together in certain proportions, creating any color or design shape. Therefore, in printing technology, the most common color format in graphic design files should be in the CMYK color system or PANTONE.CMYK-full-color-printing-CMYK-color-graphic-design-printing-color-online-printing-services-branding-printing-design-print-color-design-printing-color-scheme-helixgramPrinting 1 color costs lower than full colors (CMYK). However it does not mean that you can print any 1 color to get this affordable cost, the single printed color has to be of these 4 colors C, M, Y, K, ie:100% cyan – SIZE100% rose red – USA100% yellow – Y100% black – US1-color-printing-C-M-Y-K-CMYK-full-color-printing-CMYK-color-graphic-design-printing-color-online-printing-services-branding-printing-design-print-color-design-printing-color-scheme-helixgramIf you do not print in 1 of these 4 colors, it will still be counted as printing more than 1 color (full colors). For example, you want to print a bright red color, this color is a mix of pink and yellow, that means you’re printing more than 1 color.

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