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Square Business Cards, Print Custom Square Business Cards



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Square Business Cards: A Different, Daring Take on the Usua

Give businesses and professionals the edge in making that first impression last with square business card printing. A square-shaped business card lets you break away from the dull rectangular shape that we always see. The unique shape lets potential clients see a glimpse of what you and your services are all about. And makes them remember you.

Coatings That Count

Different coatings are available for specific stocks that work hard not just to make your square business card printing look pretty, but also last longer.

  • Matte coating offers an understated style and class that looks high-end. Although you can’t see it, this scratch-resistant coating can take on wear and tear with elegance.
  • Gloss finish makes print colors shine while protecting the stock’s surface from scratches, smudges, and stains.
  • High Gloss UV coating has a very high reflective shine. This makes colors more vibrant and helps your business card resist damage from sunlight or moisture.
  • Silk lamination provides a smoother feel and extra durability. Making your card tear and water-resistant.

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