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Premium Foil Business Card on Art Paper Material



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Gold foil business card on special texture / paper material.

Gold Foil Business Card – Turn on the WOW Factor!

Have you ever wondered why metallic finish, a.k.a. hot foil printing, is so popular? This state-of-the art technique has such mass appeal for a number of reasons. The fact that metal foil business cards are beautiful to look at and won’t break your budget are just two of them.

When it comes to custom business cards, metallic foil is, hands down, the most sought-after finish because it creates an elegant, sophisticated look that expresses true professionalism. The gold, copper, silver, red, black and blue metallic finishes are the perfect visual and textural accent to an already remarkable design.

What Exactly is the Hot Foil Printing Process?

Hot foil printing is the process of using pressure and heat to apply metallic foil to materials such as paper stocks. Prior to being heated, a stamp or die of the artwork to be foil stamped is mounted onto the stamping machine. The foil sheet runs across them, ensuring the foil is fixed to its surface when pressure is exerted from the die onto the paper stock. Since pressure is one of the main ingredients to hot foil printing, the foil has dimension and a distinct look and feel.

Product Specs

Gold, silver, copper, red, black, blue, you choose! The irresistible quality of our shimmering foil makes your business card a winner. The metallic finish makes it truly memorable! Whether you are going to a networking event or are trying to drive brand recognition, luxurious foil business cards should be your next investment.

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Stand out from the rest with round corner business card printing.

Like standard-size business cards but still want something a little different? Try rounded corners. With rounded corner business card printing, you don’t lose the space of a smaller die cut and with only a simple, minimalist design you can still achieve a classic look. This elegant look is recommended for a wide range of industries including restaurants, real estate businesses, graphic designers, and creative professionals, health businesses, fashion professionals, and photographers. They’re also popular for science and technology startups as well as for personal use.

Print Stylish Rounded Corner Business Cards for Business Promotions

Business cards are essential for introducing and promoting business brands, products and services. These are one of the most useful promotional tools you can use to stand out from the competition. These cards are one of the easiest items to use to help people reach you or your company through the details you print on your cards.

Business owners and entrepreneurs usually hand out business cards for promotions. With all the competition happening today, you might find it difficult to create cards that would stand out from the rest. One tip you can try is to print out business cards with rounded corners. Rounded corner business cards bring out a stylish look to your cards. This also makes your card more noticeable compared to the standard-shaped cards.

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