Creative Packaging Design and The Benefits to your Company

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The beautiful and impressive packaging design and printing will greatly influence customers’ buying decisions and create an incredible buying and selling trend.

Did you know that first impressions determine 50% of whether you get more leads, or push them over to your competitors? A good product can still be purchased but if it comes with a professional and eye-catching packaging it will certainly be more appealing. That’s enough to see the importance of beautiful product packaging.

To build a successful product brand, professional packaging design is the first and foremost factor you need to set. Professional packaging design with impressive, beautiful images, full information as prescribed, showing your own personality, will give you an 80% chance of winning on the shelves!

1. Amazing benefits from packaging design

Why packaging design is so important, here are the most obvious benefits it brings to your business:

1. Help customers identify products quickly

There is nothing easier for customers to recognize your products than by using packaging as an accent. The difference in packaging design will set your product apart from a long line of other brands. Customers will certainly not hesitate to choose your product immediately if it has an eye-catching and easily identifiable packaging.

Label Printing for Packaging, Shipping and Bottles.

2. Make an impression in the eyes of customers

As mentioned above, visual impressions will make it easier for customers to “fall in love” with your product before they even experience it. Don’t let customers skim through your item indifferently, let it create a strong impression that makes them stop and look before adding to the cart.

3. Stimulate purchases

From creating identity to making a visual impression, customers will no longer hesitate to buy your products. This is a very effective way to stimulate purchases based on product images. Most new and young businesses can “balance the score” to compete with long-standing businesses based on professional, beautiful and impressive packaging design.

The packaging design for your product is very important. It makes a big impact on your brand. So, let Vu Digital help you make unique and unique packaging that only your brand has.

2. When should you use packaging design services?

1. Launching a new product line

The new product line will definitely need a new packaging design. A professional packaging design service provider will help businesses come up with ideas for packaging images, build layouts, and design the content that will appear on the packaging labels.The product promotion campaign will be extremely successful when the packaging is really attractive, showing the creativity of the designer.

2. Improve disadvantages on old products

No matter how perfect a product is, over time it will reveal its shortcomings. Therefore, in order to stand firm in the market, businesses must always be aware of the need to improve their products to match the changing needs of customers. And that improvement always has to start from improving packaging, new product packaging will show customers the hidden newness inside the product.


3. Obsolescence of old packaging

The needs and tastes of customers change very quickly over time, which means that design trends and colors on packaging will become outdated if not changed to keep up with the trend. At this time, it is necessary to make a change in product design to catch up with the tastes and trends of customers.

4. The change in the business strategy of the enterprise

The change in business strategy forced businesses to change almost everything, including changes in packaging design. At this time, choosing a professional packaging design service unit, and at the same time a place that can advise in-depth for your business all branding strategies will be extremely important.

Helixgram is proud to be a professional packaging design partner of over 2000+ customers. With a team of designers, good professionals passionate about the job will bring you absolute gratitude.

3. Product Packaging Design Process at Helixgram

– Designing product shapes

– Product photography

– Designing wrapping paper, plastic, glass, wood, …

– Designing carton packaging, box packaging, …

– Designing test samples- Designing product labels

– Design warranty card, warranty card, user manual, …


➢ Research, identify the goals to be achieved: When using Helixgram Design, you will be able to directly discuss with the experts, clearly present the aspirations to be conveyed through the publication.

➢ Creative team discussion: After gathering the necessary information from customers, we conduct a creative team discussion to present design ideas.

➢ Conducting the design: The creative design team does the work.

➢ Complete the packaging design: The customer reviews the sample and makes the final modification. Handing over products to customers

4. Choosing Helixgram to be your packaging design and printing partner

Experience of serving more than 462+ customers, local and foreign businesses in Vietnam and businesses all over the world.
Serves the requirements of a wide range of product lines
Deploy projects implemented in the professional scientific process with high efficiency
Non-stop creativity, commitment not to copy somebody’s idea in any way!

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